Your Church

During corporate times of prayer your church might focus on :
Prayer for the economy and for a just and fair distribution of resources to enable the poor and disempowered to create work.
Pray for those in business to pay good wages and to uplift their employees through training and encouragement. Pray that their businesses will prosper, create more work and have a Kingdom Impact.
Set regular times of prayer in the church calendar for the unemployed and disempowered.
Pray for guidance as to where your church might partner across racial and class barriers.

Your Cell

Remember to draw alongside those in your group who are unemployed both through prayer and practical support.
Pray and discuss how your cell group might partner with another church or cell group from another church or denomination.
Pray that your churches response to the unemployed will be part of its disciple making programme and that the unemployed would be integrated into the life of the church.

Your Family and Friends

Pray for family members or friends who may be unemployed that they will find God and that we as the Body of Christ will be able to support and assist them.
A simple way to keep regular prayer times is to pray for the unemployed, hungry and homeless before each meal as part of your thanksgiving for the meal.

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