Izenzo is a relatively new and, at the moment, small organisation. The focus is on facilitating churches doing the ministry of addressing Work as Worship and ministering to the unemployed. It does not therefore have to build an infrastructure to do the work on behalf of churches.
It does however need to build systems and a platform for this ongoing facilitation. Assistance is needed with Research, Administration, Marketing and Finance.


The facilitation role of Izenzo requires that we are aware of and make available information on various topics. Sometimes we do not have the answers to various issues and need further research capability to assist a church or individual.
Often this research will be done at the local church by those in the Izenzo Church Team but often it will be useful to have area wide data such as knowledge of all the worker readiness programmes or business incubators in an area for all the churches to know about. As new topics arise we will need volunteer researchers. Let us know if you are willing to assist.


Co-ordination of the activities at Izenzo and across the churches is an increasing administrative load. This will increase as more churches express and interest in the programme and as the need to facilitate increases.


We are needing to expand the number of Facilitators working with churches in both the Eastern and Western Cape. This requires salaries and overhead costs. If you are able to make a regular contribution or are willing to fund raise please do contact us.


Kaya Nkumbesi in Port Elizabeth handles the central marketing and media strategy of Izenzo. We will need additional marketing representatives in each area to raise awareness of the work of Izenzo and to distribute information.

Workshops and Teachings


We have run workshops on Best Practice in Mentoring the Unemployed and How to Find Work. These are planned and run by volunteers and more workshops are planned. If you have particular expertise do let us know. The aim long term is to raise up a group of trainers who train new trainers in a given area.

Tools for scaling

Where possible the methodology and training material will be put into manuals, onto social media and standardised in workshops on You Tube.